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when she says she doesn’t send nudes


when guys objectify women and expect them to send nudesimage

when someone asks you about your nuclear plans for russia


When Russia sends you nudes








best horse names on wikipedia

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How to genderbend properly:

  • Change the gender of the character in question.
  • That’s it.

All genderbend images I can recall seeing on tumblr are more about changing presentation or secondary sex characteristics (breasts, beard) than about changing gender.

Sure, the character now presents as the socially normative version of that gender, but they’re also reinforcing the male-female binary, which doesn’t exist.

Important things to keep in mind while genderbending:

  • Presentation does not define gender.
  • Gender does not define presentation.
  • Nonbinary people exist.

Have a good day!

The issue is there’s so much more inferred by the shorthand genderbending? The cultural context of the word has made it to cover presentation as well, and often actual sex…though who knows about the sex unless the character is drawn naked.
While yes, many people ID as one gender and present as another, even more people present as their gender as well as possible. It’s an excersise mostly in fan creativity over anything else… But that’s my two cents.

I’m confused because it kinda seems unfairly critical to artistic choices being made. Like, is someone bad for saying, “I wanna draw Ariel as a hot sailor boy!” and then drawing him as a hot sailor boy who was born biologically male and then raised and socialized as a man? Are they being bad and reinforcing harmful ideas by drawing Ariel as a hot sailor boy with short hair and in men’s clothes?

Like, yeah, I totally want super creative and unique takes like, “I wanted to do a genderbend of Ariel, but I was thinking a lot and decided to make him still look like a woman, but be referred to as he because I was thinking about fish gender and those fish that make themselves look female in order to get closer to the girls and mate with them [more cool queer character theory stuff tying in with the added change of Ariel becoming a human and changing himself MORE to get to his prince if we’re gonna play this even more queer by making it about a homosexual genderqueer merman].

But I don’t think it’s fair to say that a character drawn as cisgender is “reinforcing the male-female binary, which doesn’t exist.” 

I agree that as a whole things would be a lot better if society didn’t turn male-female into strict rules, but to say that male-female binary doesn’t exist but that non-binary people do exist is, superficially, sorta contradictory. ><;;

Like I get what you were saying but if there wasn’t already a binary then we wouldn’t have words like non-binary. The problem isn’t that there’s a binary, it’s that people say you HAVE to fit into ONE or the other depending on the sex you were born and yeah, the more representation the merrier but to shame artists or act as if everyone is doing it wrong by doing genderbends that actually physically change the character’s biology and clothes specific to the era the character lives in makes me kinda sad. 


Everyone did those “summary of 2013” artwork things and well, I thought I could do it for some of the work I did this year! Not every job has gif-worthy appearances because some of them I am just background and you can’t really see me, but I’ve had a pretty good year for my first working as an actor and model. So here are some gifs and I’ll put a list too of other things! This is just official paid industry work, not including the film festival or student stuff I did.

So in 2013 I worked:

I already have two jobs (four days of work!) to shoot for the second week of January. I’m gonna keep working hard and auditioning my butt off! Thanks for all the support. 


New Vagabond






Skyfire’s trying to do work, but minibots keep crawling into his lap for nap time.

The minibots keep going at it, and Skyfire just gives up and lets them cuddle his lap.

They are very cute at least.

"Can’t you wait until I’m done?"


Eventually he decides to make a heating area for the minibots. Like the ones that humans make for their lizard pets.

But it’s more of an enormous heating blanket that the minibots cuddle under.

Finally Skyfire can work in peace.

But nothing beats sleeping on Skyfire because he’s big and warm. The blanket area works for a while, but they eventually start migrating back over to him. He then makes up a schedule so he doesn’t have a whole bunch of them all at once.



i was just feelin myself today u feel me







the look

So the internet just gave my tumblr name a whole new (literal) meaning. I was alerted to a photo of me gathering massive attention via a friend who linked me to a Reddit post titled “Don’t worry guys, I’m taking hipster to the next level.”

Apparently some guy on the train uploaded this photo to twitter it has been spreading like wildfire since. Surprisingly when I read the thread on Reddit a lot of it was positive/supportive. I’m surprised by how unfazed and genuinely funny I find the negative comments. People’s theories as to why I am dressed like this, and who I really am are also really interesting. 

I’m dressed like this for a number reasons. Firstly, and fore-mostly, I genuinely like the clothes I am wearing. I’ve described my look as “anywhere from hipster chic to kawaii gangsta Harajuku princess”. This is the epitome of the latter. I love sailor moon, I love pink, those converse are kawaii as fuck and yeah fuck you I’m wearing Prada sunglasses. I don’t really dress like this all the time, but I wish I did more often. I mostly don’t because I want to keep the look fresh. I wore this outfit because I had an art exhibition at my college and wanted to express myself.

I also find men’s fashion extremely limiting in both types of clothes, cuts of clothes and colours. Women have so many beautiful options. So I pillage their aisles a lot because I wanna look pretty.

This was also a statement. As an artist I think fashion is incredibly important. This day, I wanted something that not only reflected my personality and artistic sensibilities but also have some social commentary. A lot of my work, or what I want my work to speak about, is sex and sexuality and notions of gender and gender roles. How many of you knew pink actually use to be associated with boys, not girls? Personally I think the idea of “This is a boy colour”, “This is a girl colour” or “Barbies are for girls”, “Power Rangers are for boys” is dumb as fuck. Creating social and cultural boundaries does nothing but limit the potential of a person. By dressing like this I am breaking that boundary for myself and attempting to reflect that sentiment.  

an inspiration

Keeps getting better. Rock on, man.


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