[Rolls on the Floor]

Grotesquely optimistic.


Any pronoun is fine, whatev' man.



Corner image credit goes out to Calypsolemon!

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pleae swatch thi sthis is my absolute favourite video please

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By Thomas Sanders

No exceptions.

All of the timing in this video is flawless.

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 spookest stoplight to ever roam the earth 

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How sweet

I feel like I’m floating

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if I make you ship something:

1. I am sincerely sorry

2. 1 is a lie

3. it was my plan all along

4. message me stuff about it so we can chat 

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kinds of pairings i’m all about

  • height differences
  • high contrasting designs like light and dark colors
  • happy one with the grumpy one

bonus points if

  • the grumpy one gets embarrassed by kisses
  • the short one is the grumpy one
  • the happy one’s presence makes the grumpy one really shy
Track: Major Tom (Coming Home)
Artist: Shiny Toy Guns
Album: Girls Le Disko
Plays: 7555


Shiny Toy Guns // Major Tom (Coming Home).

earth below us
drifting, falling.
floating weightless
calling, calling home…

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