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Grotesquely optimistic.

Any pronoun is fine, whatev' man.



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Umm this is ridiculously amazing 

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so, empire of stone looks great so far

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Someone please explain to me how art is a thing people DO.

I have come to give you all of the answers.




seriously I don’t think people understand how alienating it is when you’re sex repulsed and on the aromantic and asexual spectrum, and you have to pretend you’re not in order to seem normal around friends and family while they make sexual jokes and prod you about your sexual/romantic interests

it’s like… who the fuck do you have to turn to?  Who is safe to be around?  Nobody but yourself, that’s who.  And that’s terrifying.

Especially in high school and (especially-especially for me at least) middle school, it’s like unless you get lucky, you just can’t have many close friends. Because a lot of people will just not ever shut upppp about it even if you ask them to.


[10:15:24 PM] Sass Master ♥: It worked!
[10:15:30 PM] Smart ass-tronaut: Dude I told you it would!
[10:16:05 PM] Sass Master ♥: This is so exciting how is it!?
[10:17:30 PM] Smart ass-tronaut: It’s like I remember it! I love it so much up here! Did you get my snapchats from earlier?
[11:59:44 PM] Emmet Brickowski: Benny, what’s wrong, aren’t you happy to be where you love?
[12:05:15 AM] Benny: 
yeah man I love it here ahahah
[12:16:05 AM] Benny: I want to go home and have shitty TV dinners with you and watch deal or no deal while and I miss you folding my laundry and I want a real toilet and bed
[12:20:30 AM] Benny: I feel so weird with my hair trimmed and I mean the view is beautiful and I love working here its… Just not the home I thought it was, home isn’t here it was down back with you and your plants and my cats
[11:59:44 PM] Emmet Brickowski: Benny, Benny, Calm down!
[11:59:44 PM] Emmet Brickowski: Benny, shh, look! http://imgur.com/gallery/qO3N8
[1:20:54 AM] Smart ass-tronaut: oh my god, red! ‘m not crying! youre the one whos crying!
[1:22:03 AM] Sass Master ♥: Benny, dude, just calm down!
[1:22:50 AM] Sass Master ♥: You’ll be home soon! I’ll be here!
[1:24:30 AM] Smart ass-tronaut: Emmet, lets just chat more tomorrow, I need to hit the hay…

Conversation about Benny and Emmet needing to talk through skype in order to see each other if Benny went to space got a little out of control around 3 am. Of course the other astronauts would tease the heck out of Benny being loud in the call, but in the end it would be pretty emotional for the two of them.

What is consistent drawing because I aint up for that today.

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Lucy Liu photographed by Henry Leutwyler for LA Times Magazine 

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"Junon", Christian Dior (French, fall/winter 1949–50 | To see the other dress 'Venus' from the collection go HERE. | THE MET

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I have received various messages from people who actually tried some of these games and got back horrifying, emotionally and physically scarring results. 

Play at your own risk.

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