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Grotesquely optimistic.

Any pronoun is fine, whatev' man.



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Track: Ghost
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Mystery Skulls-Ghost

Dude, I know this song! But this is a new version..it’s hella rad!

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i just fucking wanted the one

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Dispatchwork, Lego street art around the world by Jan Vormann.

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The Kids Are Alright



this morning I wrote a stream-of-consciousness Thing that makes no sense and isn’t really a story

but here you go




actually on this topic

manpain is a META concept that exists to discuss FICTIONAL SEXISM. in real life, if you laughed about “someone’s manpain”, you would be a disgusting piece of shit for a human being no matter what your gender was. if you were laughing that someone’s life was destroyed by the death of their mom or their fiancee you would be a fucking shitheel not worth my time, and i would not watch a fucking tv series about you.

Oh god yes.  Are there people who don’t realize this?

The significant difference between fiction and real life is that in real life things just happen, whereas in fiction things only happen because of choices made by the writer/s.

When fancritics talk about manpain, we’re not mocking Bruce Wayne or Dean Winchester for their suffering; we’re mocking the writers for thinking that hurting them is the best way to tell the story, and that killing (usually female) characters they love is the best way to hurt them.

This is a really intelligent post.


There’s a million, billion, trillion stars

But I’m down here low, fussin’ over scars

On my soul, on my soul…


In case anyone missed this the first time it got buried, here’s an incredible promotional video for the LEGO/Ninjago crossover.


From the latest chapter of this! (you should read it because brotherly interaction like wow. Brothers. BEST FRIENDS) tried to draw GCBC in lithefider’s style and ended up  making them a cross between our designs, ops?

not 100% sure about the scars tho I did look up what electrode scars looked like still sorry if I failed

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giraffe request


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